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Class Schedule:

Start Date - Feb. 24th, 2014  7:00 pm
Price: Call for price! 
Includes free student workbook
Class limit: 8 couples

Doula Services:

As a trained doula I can function in the role of both assistant labor coach and primary labor coach when needed.
Prices vary by role; contact us for more details.

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About The  Method

In 12 in depth classes (lasting 12 weeks) you will learn natural labor and relaxation techniques to empower both mom and coach to play an active role in achieving a natural, drug free birth in any birth location, including the Hospital! Natural birth is safest for mom and baby and favors the development of a strong family bond. We keep our classes small to facilitate better attention to the students' needs encouraging each mom to learn to trust her own body. We will focus on excellent nutrition, avoiding drugs, breastfeeding immediately after birth, and positive communication between coach and mom as well as coach and hospital or birth center staff. 

About the Instructors

My name is Tabatha Johnson. My husband, Josh, and I wanted desperately to have a birth center birth with our first child. We attended  classes and trained hard for our "marathon." In the end we were forced to have a hospital labor; thankfully, we were fully trained and were able to experience the joy of giving our baby the best possible start. Seventeen months later we again aspired to have a birth center labor and were yet again denied it. Nevertheless, thanks to our great training we had another successful natural birth! As a RN I am well aware of the many interventions in the obstetric field; as students, and now instructors, we learned how to avoid unnecessary interventions and achieve----the birth we deserved!!!

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